• Simulink resources for 2019 season - Webinar April 16th

    BEST teams, Complimentary MATLAB and Simulink licenses are now available for the 2019 season. Please go to the MathWorks BEST Robotics site and...

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    Started by JoseAvendano

  • How to register a team?

    Can anyone list out all the steps to register a team to participate BEST robotics competition? Thank you.

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    Started by Leo

  • The age range and team members in a team

    Can anyone tell me what is the age range of a team member, and how many team members can be in a BEST team? Thank you.

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    Started by Leo

  • Drivers

    I had 6 students at our regional HUB day on our team. We only had 6, but I had kids help with the display that were from my classes and art. One...

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    Started by Jonesstacey1

  • Evaluation of offensive/defensive strstegy

    good morning. We described our goals and why we are choosing them point related. We score 17-20 each time. We are not sure if the defensive strategy....

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    Started by Jonesstacey1

  • Stream of events.

    We are planning on streaming our hub from Northark in 2 weeks. Are any other hubs streaming their events? We will post a link here when we go live.

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    Started by BCR-Jim

  • Creating a 3D printed claw

    My team wants to 3D print a claw. Is PLA an acceptable material?

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    Started by Catherine Holland

  • Angle of the Current (Beam)

    We are constructing a field to practice on. I cannot find the exact height of the beam on both ends in the field drawings, or the angle of the beam....

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    Started by cxluckey

  • Piece Scores

    On the game field, the plastic pieces that we have to collect are worth point values. I was not at kick off, and I don't know what the values are....

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    Started by Icy_Wolf

  • Scores for 2018

    It looks like there is supposed to be a Real-Time Leaderboard this year for the events. We are unable to see any of the scores for this first...

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    Started by BCR-Jim

  • Solidedge

    Can anyone recommend an online tutorial for Solidedge? This will be for mostly beginner, jr high age students.

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    Started by TCA

  • EasyC v6 download

    We are having trouble downloading easyC. We we try to open it we get the message "the installed version of this application could not be...

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    Started by pondotsa

  • 2017 Simulink Winning Models Explained

    BEST Teams, Check out the BEST Simulink Design Awards Winners 2017 video for programming ideas for this season. We have explained some of the...

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    Started by JoseAvendano

  • Can the peg be removed so the robot can be slid on the beam?

    we were told the robot can be slid on the beam and a peg put in front to hold it in the starting position. After the buzzer the peg is removed. The...

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    Started by Jonesstacey1

  • 8” rule for vertical alignment on beam page 34 of rules

    The 24” x 24” is a rule for the size of robot, but we are confused about the 8” on the beam rule on page 34 of the rules. Does this mean that...

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    Started by Jonesstacey1

  • Notebook - passive voice or the other

    We are trying to standardize our notebook style and choose either passive (wood was chosen for the arm) or whatever the other is called (we chose...

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    Started by dannyk

  • CAD Drawings

    In the past, I have used Sketchup on previous challenges. Can this be used for the CAD design part of the competition to submit our work this way?

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    Started by yblek

  • PVC Pipe

    Can the PVC pipe give in the consumable kit be used for the building instead of the game? Again I was not at the actual release of materials on...

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    Started by yblek

  • Permission letter to use BEST logos

    Sometimes when you want to print a BEST logo on your team t-shirts, or banners, or other commercially printed materials, the printer asks if you...

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    Started by jgraber

  • Telescoping Claw Arm

    My team and I would like to make the arm our claw is going to be on to be telescoping, but we're not sure how to go about doing so. Suggestions?

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    Started by SteelCarpet

  • 2018 CAD Model of the Field

    Howdy! Is anyone else having troubles opening the CAD model provided here: ...

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    Started by stovri

  • Bison BEST Swap Meet

    Good news, Fargo 3D Printing has reduced the price per turtle to $10. They realized that the material was less then expected after printing. So if...

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    Started by gwmeyer

  • Alternate Game Pieces

    Please comment on suggested alternate game pieces. My team plans to build only one current and 3 gyres so the quantity for whole field doesn't always...

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    Started by gwmeyer

  • Official Q and A vs forum??

    “ Pointer to the official Q A, where the rules have been changed 7 times already. This is not the official Q A, but I can point you to it. ...

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    Started by gmacp1234

  • Team Exhibit Score Sheet

    The sheet mentions social media exposure, so I assume we have to create social media accounts for our robotics team? Also, what exactly is considered...

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    Started by AFry