• Gate Direction

    Regarding the gate, should it always open towards the outside of the playing field? In other words, should the hinge of the gate always be on the...

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    Started by SumDood

  • Valve rotation

    The corn bin we made for practice is supposedly made to spec. The valve arm pointing down hits the ground and makes it slightly difficult to push. We...

    4 0 107

    Started by dannyk

  • Robot Height Limit?

    Is there a height limit for the robot?

    1 0 74

    Started by nw

  • Produce Stand

    Are the produce stands the same for every quadrant? Is the 'LETTUCE' always on the left and the 'TOMATO' always on the right? This looks to be the...

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    Started by SumDood

  • Hose for Corn Stalks

    We are having trouble finding the hose for the corn stalks. The SKU doesn't seem to exist at Home Depot and we want to make sure it is the same...

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    Started by shcbest

  • Pigs

    Where can the pigs be purchased? or are there pigs that can be purchased similar to the ones that will be used in the game. We have tried amazon and...

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    Started by LHSrobotics

  • attaching wheel to motor

    We were wondering if anyone has a good idea on how to attach the wheel to the motor while preventing it from falling off when in motion.

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    Started by SJMSteam

  • digit parts representation

    *I could not find where to put this info in the Q A, so I apologize if this is not appropriate. The digits in the part number represent: K16: year...

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    Started by sco3bed

  • How will Water Valve interference be scored

    If our team turns the water valve to a scoring position and later in the match anther team bumps or moves the position (by accident or intention),...

    1 0 114

    Started by Powerhouserod

  • When will the Rules be unlocked?

    We're in the Dallas hub, which starts later than everyone else, so the volunteers there said they would probably be unlocked yesterday as it was the...

    4 0 144

    Started by Katniss

  • Corn Placement

    How is the corn placed on the stalks? is it pushed down or is it just set on the stalks.

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    Started by Dje4321

  • 2016 - size/strength of ceramic magnets

    I noticed that there was no indication In the CAD document of what size or strength the ceramic magnets that hold the lettuce are. I bought...

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    Started by katiedewees

  • Usage of Drones for Recording

    Would a drone such as a DJI Phantom drone be allowed to record and or stream an event? If this is determined by the hub than would they be allowed at...

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    Started by GLJJ

  • EventBrite Registration

    I registered our competition events on Eventbrite but have not seen it show up for the teams to register. How long does it take before Eventbrite...

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    Started by LarryTurner

  • 2016 default easyC code

    We are trying to get kits ready for 2016 kickoff but I can't find the 2016 version of the default software. Is it not yet released? If not, when will...

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    Started by sandplum

  • Game Floor Carpeting?

    I have a question regarding the Wichita State BEST competition playing field. Will there be carpet on the game floor. If so could I have the...

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    Started by rmccre

  • Best practice for motors in STALL condition

    Over my limited years in BEST, I have seen quite a few robots that partially power the motors to a stall condition to help support heavy objects...

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    Started by EvansPhysics

  • Any reports from North Plains Regional?

    If you attended North Plains Regional in 2015, please tell us about it.

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    Started by jgraber

  • Any report from Frontier Trails Regional?

    If you attended Frontier Trails Regional in 2015, please tell us about it.

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    Started by jgraber

  • Report from South's BEST Regional: 2015 Dec 5-6

    It would be interesting to see feedback from each of the Regionals like was done with Texas BEST. I believe it is always good to evaluate what was...

    6 0 179

    Started by KevinH

  • Report from Texas BEST Regional: 2015 Nov 13-14

    Comments from Texas BEST: - scoring display wifi broke down several times. - Many teams complained of Vexnet connection problems; not all of them...

    17 0 412

    Started by jgraber

  • Teaser Trailer at regionals?

    Last year, the Texas BEST regionals showed the teaser trailer for Paydirt. This year no trailer was shown. I was just wondering why? My team was...

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    Started by Katniss

  • BEST Scoring Software Referees

    In the scoring software there is the Field Scorekeeper user that can enter scores per field. Currently using the latest software and navigating to ...

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    Started by dmdusing

  • How does the Official Q&A work?

    I posted a question but it did not show up in the Q A. The last entry on the Q A is from 10/16 Are questions reviewed and posted later? Phil

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    Started by MVCDS

  • Booth size

    I'd like to ask if anyone knows why the size of the Booth was changed this year to 8*8*8 everywhere? (I read this on the Q&A) That was the size...

    1 0 124

    Started by Katniss

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