• Notebooks 2015

    Hi! Just thought I'd post Team 93's notebook, in case it could help out other teams to see examples of notebooks. Please add your team's below if...

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    Started by CircuitRunners Team 93

  • "Audience" in Marketing

    One area my team is struggling with is the "audience" in the marketing and exhibit. In exhibit, the score sheet states "Exhibit...

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    Started by ptownrobotics

  • Award Tabulation Spreadsheet

    The Award Tabulation Spreadsheet, under the "Spirit and Sportsmanship" tab, has a column called "Ballot"....what is this? how is...

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    Started by lisa

  • Website Guidelines

    We have a 3rd year team and each year we have built a website. This year we have some older kids who really wanted to up the game on our Website and...

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    Started by scrapbookrosie

  • Booth

    Have you noticed that the Booth is appearing to become less and less important? This year they seemingly forgot to put any booth rules in the...

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    Started by God

  • CAD Notebook

    I'm having trouble finding a score sheet specific to the CAD notebook. Is the BEST CAD DRAWINGS score sheet the same as the CAD Notebook from...

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    Started by TManB

  • Sponsors decals?

    We have had questions from local companies wanting to sponsor our robotics team and we were wondering if we could have company decals on our robot?...

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    Started by DenisonHS

  • Common Sense Judging at Regionals

    I would like to address something that happened to our team at the Regional competition last year. We were judged very low for a lack of...

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    Started by jmg

  • Nationals????

    i can find hardly any information on what those are or what it takes to get there if someone could tell me more about them or what is required to...

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    Started by gandhi

  • Notebook Appendix

    I was wondering is it allowed to tape or otherwise attach design sketches etc. to a page of the appendix, or does it have to be scanned and printed?...

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    Started by Katniss

  • Team Demographics Form

    We have already submitted our notebook, but My team had a question regarding the team demographics form that was not posted/answered on the Q A. The...

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    Started by EvansPhysics

  • Notebook scoring worksheet, potential additions for next year.

    I propose the following two additions to the document titled: 2016_Project_engineering_Notebook_Score_Sheet In "Adherence to...

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    Started by jgraber

  • Notebook Summary

    Just wondering, is the summary for the notebook required?

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    Started by Katniss

  • Software and Simulation Award vs. Simulink Design Award

    I was looking at the list of awards and I came across two new ones I hadn't seen before: the Software and Simulation Award and then a Simulink Design...

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    Started by Katniss

  • Spirit and Sportsmanship guidelines?

    Does anyone know where I could find documents that relate to what is allowed in regards to spirit? I recall last year I read something that had...

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    Started by Katniss

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