• New pictures in the Pictures forum

    There are a number of new of pictures in the pictures flicker forum thingy. Many of them are good examples (or bad examples) of BEST robotics methods...

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    Started by jgraber

  • Motor Trouble

    The students can't find any information on connecting the motors to the cortex. Can anyone point them in the direction of any documentation that will...

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    Started by shcbest

  • Motor Mount

    We are running into an issue with the mounting of our motors. We have attached each of our large motors to a gear. To make this attachment, we...

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    Started by MisterB1998

  • Potentiometer

    We have no idea how to wire a potentiometer, and we don't know what to ground the potentiometer to. We would greatly appreciate help. Thank you,...

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    Started by BravesRobotics

  • Getting started on arm

    "Very" rookie team here. My kids are having a hard time getting our arm going. Are there any resources for some basics in robot arm...

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    Started by dmoseley

  • Motor To Joystick Issue

    We're having trouble with programming the motor to the right joystick. I thought that the current block was correct, but it's not responding...

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    Started by 674kylemdo

  • Servo Rotation Problem

    My team needs to have our servos to rotate 180 degrees; however, the servos seem to only go about 30 degrees (from 0 to 127 or -127). Is there a way,...

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    Started by 674kylemdo

  • Vexnet Troubleshooting

    My students had no trouble getting the remote control to communicate with the Vex Cortex micro controller using the orange USB cable, but could not...

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    Started by dmgauntt

  • Joystick not connecting

    Hello, Our joystick is not connecting to the cortex or the computer we are using. When I plug it into the computer to see if it needs to update...

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    Started by Chapa

  • U-bolt from Home Depot

    I am building a partial practice field for our team, and went to Home Depot to get the U-bolts specified in the Bill of Materials (118-042). ...

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    Started by dmgauntt

  • Polypropylene stiffness when holes drilled in it

    I appreciate all the great help here. Our team is thinking of making wheels out of the polypropylene sheet and would like to drill holes in them to...

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    Started by dannyk

  • cutting polypropylene

    Any advice on cutting the 1/4" polypropylene sheet would be appreciated. We have cut it with a jig saw in the past but are in need of more...

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    Started by dannyk

  • RobotC modular programming problems

    ---PROBLEM SOLVED DO NOT REPLY--- I use RobotC and have as long as I have been my team's lead programmer. Unfortunately, I have encountered an issue...

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    Started by snidbert64

  • OmniWheels for BEST

    So for the last 10 years the school I have mentored (Pearce High School from Dallas BEST) has been using Omni Wheels instead of casters or skids as...

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    Started by Stuart1745

  • Easy C Hub license doesn't work

    We are trying to use our hub license key for Easy C but when online registering it only accepts 3 fields and the key is 4 fields long. Are we...

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    Started by Sam

  • Need CAD models of simple robot designs

    Hello All, I am working on a project that requires a few examples of CAD models of BEST robots that teams have designed in the past. I am not...

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    Started by shiremath

  • Faster Motors

    Is there any way we can get our mottoes that turn our wheels to move faster?

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    Started by Banana

  • Vexnet interference

    A Dallas team reported unbearable vexnet reception. When I looked at their robot, the Cortex/Vexnet key was mounted directly under a motor, which...

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    Started by jgraber

  • Proper wiring for potentiometer

    The only documentation I've found from Googling is a VEX powerpoint and of course our own kit usage document. Both show a photograph on connecting...

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    Started by getgray

  • battery adaptor connection to cortex constantly failing

    Our cortex is constantly losing power due to the white plug from the battery losing contact to the cortex. Is there a solution to this? I found in...

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    Started by dannyk

  • Servo rotation

    Can a servo be programmed to make complete rotations?

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    Started by Miss B

  • Dallas Week5 Demo day report

    Due to Game day venue scheduling, and field sharing scheduling, Dallas BEST hub has a late kickoff and a late week 5 demo day, today. Here are some...

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    Started by jgraber

  • Front Caster Style Wheel

    This is only our second year and my team is trying to build a front caster style wheel, and are running into problems. I put a store purchased one on...

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    Started by kmcelhinney

  • No Power-Pole Connector

    When we received our kits. The returnable kit did not have the power-pole connectors, that I've seen in the generic kit usage guide.

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    Started by widerbestrobot

  • Motor turns only one direction

    Hi we are having trouble getting the motors to turn both directions with the joystick. The motors are capable of moving in both directions, which was...

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    Started by Chapa

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