• Robot C License for BEST

    Looking for new license for RobotC. Cannot find anything on their website updated since 2015. Do they still offer the license for BEST teams? Thanks

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    Started by dannyk

  • New Failure more for Cortex, jittery motor

    I saw a new (to me) failure mode for Cortex at Dallas BEST Game day. Symptoms: - "Robot drives funny" since one wheel is under powered -...

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    Started by jgraber

  • RobotC: How to make the joystick ease into full speed?

    I have recently gotten into using RobotC, and it is really great! It is much more customizable than Easy-C. I have seen other teams make it so when...

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    Started by CollinC

  • Battery charging during the semi-final and final rounds

    This year our hub (Dallas) decided to permanently disable the "fast" setting on the battery charger, a decision that I'm sure will cut down...

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    Started by ralsobrook

  • Telescoping Arm

    So at the Music City Best Competition Saturday, there were many great robots, but Merrol Hyde's stood out. A lot. I noticed that their arm for the...

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    Started by CollinC

  • Attachment of motors to wheels

    Brand new team here, at a school that has never had a robot, nor a robotics club, nor do my poor kids have a sponsor that knows anything either. Can...

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    Started by profegross

  • EasyC Motor Type?

    What motor type do I put for the "Big and Small" Motors they gave us. I am referencing the motor type column in the controller...

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    Started by 674kylemdo

  • Robot C Tutorial Feedback

    I am attempting to create a tutorial to Robot C that can reach a wide demographic of personas. From those who are fortunate to be equipped with the...

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    Started by AnonymousUnknown

  • VEXnet connection and 9V backup battery

    Q251 was just posted to the Q A about the legality of using the 9V backup battery to help eliminate issues with the VEXnet connection dropping out. ...

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    Started by EvansPhysics

  • Hydroponics Area

    We are able to reach the highest tomatoes, however, since the PVC is not anchored to the side walls, they just tip over when you apply minimal force...

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    Started by jdub

  • New pictures in the Pictures forum

    There are a number of new of pictures in the pictures flicker forum thingy. Many of them are good examples (or bad examples) of BEST robotics methods...

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    Started by jgraber

  • Motor Trouble

    The students can't find any information on connecting the motors to the cortex. Can anyone point them in the direction of any documentation that will...

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    Started by shcbest

  • Motor Mount

    We are running into an issue with the mounting of our motors. We have attached each of our large motors to a gear. To make this attachment, we...

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    Started by MisterB1998

  • Potentiometer

    We have no idea how to wire a potentiometer, and we don't know what to ground the potentiometer to. We would greatly appreciate help. Thank you,...

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    Started by BravesRobotics

  • Getting started on arm

    "Very" rookie team here. My kids are having a hard time getting our arm going. Are there any resources for some basics in robot arm...

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    Started by dmoseley

  • Motor To Joystick Issue

    We're having trouble with programming the motor to the right joystick. I thought that the current block was correct, but it's not responding...

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    Started by 674kylemdo

  • Servo Rotation Problem

    My team needs to have our servos to rotate 180 degrees; however, the servos seem to only go about 30 degrees (from 0 to 127 or -127). Is there a way,...

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    Started by 674kylemdo

  • Vexnet Troubleshooting

    My students had no trouble getting the remote control to communicate with the Vex Cortex micro controller using the orange USB cable, but could not...

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    Started by dmgauntt

  • Joystick not connecting

    Hello, Our joystick is not connecting to the cortex or the computer we are using. When I plug it into the computer to see if it needs to update...

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    Started by Chapa

  • U-bolt from Home Depot

    I am building a partial practice field for our team, and went to Home Depot to get the U-bolts specified in the Bill of Materials (118-042). ...

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    Started by dmgauntt

  • Polypropylene stiffness when holes drilled in it

    I appreciate all the great help here. Our team is thinking of making wheels out of the polypropylene sheet and would like to drill holes in them to...

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    Started by dannyk

  • cutting polypropylene

    Any advice on cutting the 1/4" polypropylene sheet would be appreciated. We have cut it with a jig saw in the past but are in need of more...

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    Started by dannyk

  • RobotC modular programming problems

    ---PROBLEM SOLVED DO NOT REPLY--- I use RobotC and have as long as I have been my team's lead programmer. Unfortunately, I have encountered an issue...

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    Started by snidbert64

  • OmniWheels for BEST

    So for the last 10 years the school I have mentored (Pearce High School from Dallas BEST) has been using Omni Wheels instead of casters or skids as...

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    Started by Stuart1745

  • Easy C Hub license doesn't work

    We are trying to use our hub license key for Easy C but when online registering it only accepts 3 fields and the key is 4 fields long. Are we...

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    Started by Sam