We are trying to make gears for the first time and would appreciate any advice. We have noticed that many (most) teams use what they describe as a cage gear (made of bolts secured between 2 discs of plastic) connected to a spur gear (made of plastic or wood) rather than 2 spur gears. We have been searching for a tutorial on how to make them and align them, but have been unable. Does anyone have advice or a link to a tutorial?
Thank you
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My team was considering 3D printing two gears for use in a claw. Not sure how many/what size you need to see if that would work for your TCP. Following this post to see other ideas. [smile]

(I'm not sure where you're located, but if 3D printing would work and there is not one available at your school, I know where many public use ones are available at libraries. I teach 3D modeling and we won the TCEA 3D Design comp last year. I would be happy to help in any way I can!)
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Woodgears.ca has template generator. Try minimum 6mm tooth size and minimum 12 tooth small gear.
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