The corn bin we made for practice is supposedly made to spec. The valve arm pointing down hits the ground and makes it slightly difficult to push. We don't remember this being a problem with the course at kick off. Is the valve supposed to rub on the carpet or is our practice course improperly constructed (as shocking as that is to imagine).
Thank you
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The windmill baseboard is spec'ed as 9-1/4" tall, right?
I don't see a reference for the total reference height of the water valve by comparison, just an arm spec length of 3-1/2".
Possibly there is variation in the seating depth of the fittings,
  or equally likely,  you did not press your PVC pipes completely into the PVC fittings.
Can you measure the length of each piece, and then subtract the seating depth as appropriate, and see what you come up with, compared to 9-1/4" inches?
   And you could search the Q&A for similar questions, and if not any, ask what is the overall length of the valve from endcap to endcap.
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Game development team has seen this problem. I recall that the 1/2" PVD 4-way may be slightly different size depending on the vendor and cause this problem. Try a different vendor or check the measurements of the 4-way that you have and we'll compare with our fields. You need to have the valve arms seated all of the way (1/2" I think) as well, as this is assumed in the drawings.

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Is it supposed to rotate freely without hitting the ground and meeting resistance? That is what we really need to know.
If I remember correctly, the pvc arm length was specified before assembly but not afterwards, so we couldn't tell whether are assembled piece was correct. My memory may be incorrect.
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Correct, it us supposed to rotate freely without hitting the ground and meeting resistance.
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