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Notebooks 2015
JRMACH- what file type is your notebook now? To add links within Word documents and Google Doc files, click where you want the reader to be directed. Go to -> Insert -> Bookmark. Then go to the word, sentence, picture, etc you want to take readers to that bookmark. Highlight it, -> Insert -> Link (or click on the paper clip button on the ribbon). From there you can add links to URLs/outside sources or to the bookmarks you’ve created within your document. These links are still available when you convert to a PDF. My team linked references to the corresponding appendices, and also linked the table of contents to the appropriate sections. I hope it made the document easier to navigate. Best wishes!
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Making Gears
My team was considering 3D printing two gears for use in a claw. Not sure how many/what size you need to see if that would work for your TCP. Following this post to see other ideas. [smile]

(I'm not sure where you're located, but if 3D printing would work and there is not one available at your school, I know where many public use ones are available at libraries. I teach 3D modeling and we won the TCEA 3D Design comp last year. I would be happy to help in any way I can!)
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open ended pulley belt
Ok, thank you so much!
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open ended pulley belt
I came to the forum with this same question. [smile] This is our first year, and I feel very overwhelmed with the BEST competition. I'm sorry, but after reading the Usage Guide referenced above (both the one linked here and the current year's copy), I still don't understand how to use the pulley and provided belt. We don't need our arm to rotate more than 180 degrees, but I don't see how we can even do that with an open belt? What do people use as a tensioner, as referenced by jmg? How do you keep the belt on the pulleys if they aren't linked, and the belt can't be altered?

I really appreciate the forum and all the helpful advice I've found here! (Including how to create the motor mount hubs, which we were lost about.) Thank you to anyone who has the time to help!
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