Good afternoon,
I know I am already super late on everything having begun the day of kickoff instead of two weeks before like it suggest in the coach manual.

I was trying to access the documents at the end of the coach manual but it doesn't have live hyperlinks. 

Can anybody help me with these documents? I would create them myself but having started so late and not having too many people helping out, I would appreciate some guidance.
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The Coach's Survival Guide is quite an old document and is need of an update for sure. The basic information presented in the guide is still very useful; however, the referenced material may have moved, changed, evolved, etc. over the years.  There are some similar examples of the items referenced available through the BRI File Manager under the  MAIN / Public Resources & Training / Team Resources folder.

I will locate a few more of the referenced items and upload them to this same "Team Resources" folder as soon as possible.
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