Is anyone else having troubles opening the CAD model provided here:

We are using Autodesk Fusion to do our CAD work, but this file seems to be missing the *.sldprt files that the *.sldasm is referencing. Has anyone been able to open this file in Solidworks?
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Yes, I was able to open this file in Solidworks 2017-18 Student Edition and scroll around in it, highlight and measure distances between parts.
  I tried to open a few of the individual parts, but the individual part files cant be found to open.
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I could not import the Solidworks file into Autodesk Inventor 2018, there were an incredible number of errors.

I was, however able to import it into Autodesk Inventor 2019. (There were still a few errors, but the model was mostly intact and usable.)  I am currently in the process of updating to 2019 on at least a few of our computers.
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I messaged my hub, and they got in contact with Hunter Terry at Auburn. He sent me this link with the Autodesk Fusion 360 model:
He also passed along these instructions:
Open it by creating a new project in Fusion 360 & choosing "Upload." Then, select the attached archive and it upload it. It should begin importing all the parts and fill up your project with the models. The full field is contained in the file "0.0 Full Field Assembly," while all other files are sub-assemblies and parts.

He mentioned they would be updating the BEST File Manager soon.
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