For teams who haven't requested Simulink software yet, use this online form:

When filling this form, in the 'Contact Information' section, you are required to fill the 'Company/University' field with your team/school name. Unfortunately, the application form does not have names of all the schools/clubs/organizations in the database so, yours might not show up in the drop down list.

In order to manually enter your organization name in the Company/University field:

  1. Start typing the name in the Company/University field and then click the mouse outside the text field. This will give you a prompt in a red box (see figure below) to 'enter your own information'.
  2. Click on this link and this will add an extra field (named as  ‘Company/University’ again) to manually enter the school/organization name. CompanyUnivfield.jpg 

On a related note, in the Competition Information section, enter the Name of the competition you are participating in as "BEST Robotics".

NOTE: This usability issue will be fixed at the end of first week of Oct 2015.

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