One area my team is struggling with is the "audience" in the marketing and exhibit. In exhibit, the score sheet states "Exhibit displays diversity among audience members and participating team members." In marketing, it states "The outreach strategy is well-defined and includes diverse audiences."

What are judges looking for here? Especially when considering "diverse" audiences. Can someone perhaps clarify what the audience is? Is this who we're selling the robot to (so, fire departments?), or who we're making presentations to about BEST and its impact on students? 
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After reading below, here are my additional ideas:  If you are marketing T-shirts to Toddlers, your audience might be Parents of toddlers, or buying agents for retail stores that sell to new families.    Likewise, if you have a fire fighting robot, who wants to buy it?  who can influence the actual purchasers?  etc.
   Another pro-tip:  The rubric says something about 'audiences'.   So your presentation should mention the word 'audiences', to show that you read the rubric and have some content listed there so the judges have a place they can check off.    Likewise, any ambiguous word in rubric, you can mention yourself and have your own definition.  

Excerpt from the Exhibit rules:

“Illustrate your team’s outreach effort and include what audiences you reached, how you engaged them and what resources you used to do so.”

Here are comments from Dallas BEST head judge.

I think it is up to the teams to analyze their marketing strategy and brainstorm who their audiences are. There is no right or wrong answer, the important thing is to show that the team identified and reached out to several different types of groups.

Also to clear up any potential confusion, the audience for the actual Marketing presentation is defined in the rules as follows:

“Judges may role-play as department heads, financial officers, coo, sales and ceo within National Big Company and may rotate those roles at the start of each presentation”.

So the Marketing Presentation audience is specifically “National Big Company” and they will want to see evidence of the team’s outreach efforts to diverse audiences as per the Exhibit rules.

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