Over my limited years in BEST, I have seen quite a few robots that partially power the motors to a stall condition to help support heavy objects during transportation.  I am curious about how others feel the motors should be used.  

Is running the motors at stall considered an acceptable good practice, or should it be discouraged?

I've always persuaded my team to avoid prolonged stall conditions to reduce the risk of damaging returnable kit items.  But maybe I am being too cautious.  

(WarpXX saw a lot of stalled motors to hold the bots in place "in orbit.")
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WarpXX also saw some teams use a servo-powered pole-lock, rather than hold motors.
A servo commonly operates at stall condition.
There is a 5A PTC that limits prolonged currents > 5A for Cortex ports 1-5, and for ports 6-10.
I think the MC29 H-bridge also has a PTC, but it doesn't operate quickly enough to save the H-bridge from shorted motor wires.
Theses isolated facts may support some conclusion.
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My experience is that the motors will get very hot if left in a full-voltage stall for an extended period.  However, I don't think that they get hot enough to get damaged in 3 minutes.

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