Good news, Fargo 3D Printing has reduced the price per turtle to $10.   They realized that the material was less then expected after printing.  So if you are part of Bison Best, leave me a message if you want preprinted turtles in white PLA.  Our team plans on painting our turtle.  I understand that fabric paints work on PLA.

Since the shipping is rather high for the bait nets unless you order 6, I spent an extra $10 and ordered 6 avoiding the cost of shipping.   Leave a message if you are interested in a bait net.

If you have spare hula hoops or hollow golf balls I'll purchase or work out a trade.

Feel free to post wanted and for sale items.  I figure this is a better way to communicate than sending a bunch of emails to the teams.
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Swapping game field elements is an interesting idea.  Thanks for mentioning your hub  Bison BEST.   
I wonder if painting the turtles changes their surface texture enough to make them easier to grab.
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Bison BEST teams -- I ordered the clear plastic tubes and lids if anyone wants to buy just one. Just leave me a message at We are in Fergus Falls, but I am in Fargo twice a week so I can bring them with me.
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Bison BEST teams - we have clear plastic tubes and lids too if anyone wants to buy. Possibly have some of the cardboard boxes too. We are north of Fargo. Message
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