I'm having trouble finding a score sheet specific to the CAD notebook. Is the BEST CAD DRAWINGS score sheet the same as the CAD Notebook from previous years?
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The BEST Engineering Notebook is an important part, maybe THE most important part of the BEST Robotics Competition.
CAD (Computer Aided Drawings) can be a valuable component of the BEST Engineering Notebook, but CAD is not part of the title.
You can find all of the Awards score sheets and rubrics in the BEST File Manager under this path:
MAIN / 2016 Game Files / Awards and Judging / Scoresheets

There is a parallel folder 
MAIN / 2016 Game Files / Awards and Judging / For Teams
that contains the 2016_Awards_and_Judging_policies pdf file

and there is important information on judging the Notebook there in section 1.5 as well.

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There is no CAD Notebook required in the BEST competition. You hub might be asking for this but it is not a required deliverable. The Engineering Notebook is a required deliverable. It MAY contain CAD drawings in the Appendix, if desired, within the page limits allowed.
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