Hello are we allowed to put a camara by the spotter box we understand that no broadcasting allowed we have a go pro that has all internal storage
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Interesting idea:   You may put a record (not streaming) camera on your robot, and your robot is allowed to have spotter assembled and disassembled assemblies in the spotter box.   I would guess it would be fine, but you should probably ask on the Q&A,

(edit addition) . Oops, it looks like this question was already asked and answered similarly.
You could ask for clarification, if the tripod is built from kit materials, sized and weighed with robot, so that it counts as a different configuration.
Q279Posted: 11/12/17 19:20:20Category: Generic Rule
Can the spotter bring a tripod with a camera on it into the spotters box to record the match?
A279No, but feel free to use a video capture device as per generic rules (page 8).
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