Good Morning,

We are a new team this year and are wondering if we could get some help beginning to program, we are in the middle of no where and our wifi sticks so we really need help.  Could someone or is a team willing to come help us out?  Thanks
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I can help with Easy C,  but you didn't give any idea of who or where you are.  I'll send you a PM.

Followup:  This was Industrial High School in Vanderbilt TX (near Victoria) in USTEM Houston hub, Game day Nov 11.
I walked them through EasyC create your own program, similar to the default program. 
They couldn't load default because their old computer did not have the correct version of unzip.
I'll have to make a directory and list the files separately for situations like this.
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Miss B
Can someone help me identify what's wrong in this code?  This is the Best default code.
code snip.png 
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The problem with the line with red X is, the last parameter should be a deadband threshold, typical value 4 to 10, rather than the name of a joystick channel.

So change  Ch4 
to just  4
and that error should go away.

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