Is it ok to use the boxes and other materials found in the consumable kit as marterials for the robot?
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Shortest possible answer:  Only materials listed on the consumable kit inventory list can be used as materials for robot.

Details: Note that the official Q&A has already addressed a similar question.
The Q&A has added three new rules.  
That's why you should read the Q&A frequently.

Q32: Can we use the box that had our materials in as a part to use in our robot?
A32: According to the generic rules, you can use 2400 sq. ft. of corrugated cardboard less than 1/4" thick. If the box happens to be made out of that, you can use it. Otherwise you cannot.

See also Generic rule

     6. No package materials may be used (materials that come with kit items to protect or store them before use). Examples: The plastic film that covers the adhesive portion on the hook and loop strip; cardboard roll at the center of a tape roll. 

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