Can we use cardboard to build our claw? I know it says our team can provide material, just wanted to make sure?
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Sure, as long as it meets the definition of allowed cardboard. 
  Less than 1/4” thick, must be corrugated, max 2000? Sq inches. 
  If it looks like your robot has more than a half a cubic foot of cardboard, please have documentation, layout, etc
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It would note be considered a team custom part.
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Emory K.
Here's a quick tip for working with cardboard - The corrugated layer inside cardboard has all the corrugations running in a single direction.  Cardboard resists folding across the corrugations, but folds easily along them.  So, use the wood glue in your kit to glue together two panels of cardboard so that the corrugations in one are at right angles to the corrugations in the other.  It won't just be twice as strong, it'll be far stronger than that.  Same principle as plywood.
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