I previously posted seeking advice about losing connection during BEST matches. Last year, we had multiple 1-5 second episodes where the connection between the joystick and cortex was disrupted, lights flashed red. Many people offered insight including folks on the VEX forum where I also posted. Unfortunately, I do not have a simple answer but will offer the following suggestions.
-Secure the battery, plug and wire - This was not our problem as this disconnect causes a reboot and takes at least 5-10 seconds to reconnect, but we have seen it a lot. The white plug that goes into the cortex is not robust. Never unplug it. We zip tie the wire between the plug and battery to something so it cannot jiggle at all and we secure the battery and have not had this problem in a while.
-Provide a clear line of sight between the USB key on the cortex and the USB key on the joystick. Specifically the large flat surfaces with the VEX logos need to face each. This means the cortex usually needs to be mounted vertically. It is also best to hold the joystick with the top facing your body, instead of facing up, so the USB key faces the robot. This is unnatural for the drivers.
-Mount the cortex as far away from motors and the battery as possible.
-Consider a USB extension to mount the USB key in a better location/orientation if the cortex mounting is not optimal. The key can be mounted in a different location by using the extension but make sure the cord is secured with zip ties or something so it doesn't wiggle.
I can't promise this will help but it won't hurt. We still had one disconnect this year.
I hope it helps.
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