Issue: A common issue that you might encounter when installing the VEX Support Package (that contains the VEX library, examples models, documentation, and the VEX App) is the 'Download Failed or Refused' error.

a. Ensure that you have all the system admin rights for the machine(s) that you are installing on. Please work with a lab admin if you are trying to install on school computers
b. Disabling the firewall and proxy server settings should typically take care of this issue. Again, work with your system admin to disable these settings. Some teachers have reported that there could be multiple proxy server settings and you are required to disable all to download and install successfully.

c. If a. and b. are done and the download problem persists, it could be an internet issue. In this case, download the support package files on a different computer on a better network, possibly a home computer, and then move those files to an external memory source (sd card, usb memory stick etc.) and copy them over to your computer where you wish to install and then use the install using these downloaded files. Please follow the steps below to download separately and install separately:
- To download separately:
1)  To download these files, access the FTP site here:

 NOTE: You will be prompted for username and password, use the following: 

Username: anonymous

Password: simulink

IMPORTANT: In the FTP site, you will find 2 folders 'R2015a' and 'R2015b'. Carefully, select the folder that matches the MATLAB version that you have downloaded (it should be 'MATLAB R2015a' or 'MATLAb R2015b' for this year). 

2) Download the the zip file ('') and copy it to a local folder (C: drive) on the computer where you want to install. Extract the zip file content (this will give you a folder named 'armcortexbasedvexmicrocontroller_download')

3) Launch MATLAb and start the Support Package Installer from the MATLAB prompt by typing supportPackageInstaller at the MATLAB Command prompt (shown below)

3) When it starts, select "Install from Folder" and then browse to the folder containing the unzipped content (point to armcortexbasedvexmicrocontroller_download folder).

4) Select this folder and continue following the Support Package Installer prompts to finish installation. NOTE: You will be required to stay connected to internet and provide your MathWorks account information at some point during this installation phase.

If you are running into other install  or technical issues with the Simulink VEX Support Package, please refer to the following MATLAB Answers or FAQ page on to see if one of these items addresses your problem:

If not, please submit your question on MATLAB Answers or on the BEST Forum here. If you don't here back in a day, please send an email to support at mathworks dot com.

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