I had 6 students at our regional HUB day on our team.  We only had 6, but I had kids help with the display that were from my classes and art. One student is super creative and helped with our commercial.  They did not go on competition day or were not added on our team.  We had the original 6.
The kids wanted the two that helped with the display if they could go to Regionals. My principal said it was okay.  The only problem is that we had 6 so we only needed three drivers. Now that we asked these two to attend we have 8 kids, so we would need 4 drivers .We do not have 4 drivers. They really have not been on the team.

It says during competition if there are 8 students there needs to be 4 drivers. Can the kids participate in the booth or come as support and not be counted in the 8.  They kind of joined at the end of the trail.  They have helped paint, but they were not involved in the design process or any of the robot. They have no idea what it took to buid the robot. One of the parents is coming. Can we use them as moral support and not include them. I do not see here at the end them joining and yes, they have done some things to help, but no robot contstruction, notebook, marketing etc. 
Can they go as moral support?  Does this make sense?  
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I asked a similar question years ago and was told by a Director that teams are allowed to decide who is a member and what criteria they need to meet. You are definitely allowed to bring non-team supporters.
It is usually better to define it at the beginning of the season, but as long as the students are all in agreement, I would not disagree.
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