I'm trying to enter the license from our hub into Easy C v. 6, but the dropdowns for "select licensing model" and "select license type" are deactivated so I have to choose "Network Licensing" and "Floating License." Any ideas on what to do next?

Katie Dewees
Bear Creek Academy
Tuscaloosa, AL
Shelton State CC Hub
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When I run EasyC V6 'as Administrator',  I get a popup titled 'intelitek Licensing',  License Status INVALID.
I select Licensing Model "Workstation Licensing"  with activation method "Online",  click Activate.
I get a new popup to enter 8 fields of 4 letters for the Product Key. 

If I run EasyC V6 without 'as Administrator',  the licensing Model and activation method are Greyed out,
and the message at the bottom mentions that you need Administrator privilege.    
    Does that help?
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