I have a question regarding the Wichita State BEST competition playing field. Will there be carpet on the game floor. If so could I have the specifications of what kind?
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Since the forums system is new, it may be that no one from Kansas hub is watching.
You'll like get a better response by contacting your local hub people directly.

If you don't have any other contact (like the person who sends you weekly emails?),
 I found this contact on the BRI website/Hubs, Kansas : (karen.reynolds@wichita.edu).
  I also pinged someone else I know in Kansas on your behalf, to see if Kansas BEST can have someone check the forum.

In the event you move on to the Frontier BEST regional, they may have the same or different carpet.

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Yes, the Game Floor area for the Kansas BEST Competition will have carpeting.  The carpet is a closed-loop, very low pile cut carpet (Indoor-outdoor).  It is the same carpet that has been used the last several years when the robots operated on the carpet (i.e. robots in Warp XX did not travel the floor area, hence no carpet on that game).

The Kansas BEST Field will be one of the fields used at Frontier BEST Regional competition (with Carpet) and the other field (supplied by River Valley BEST) will use a similar carpet.

Hope that answers your question.  Look forward to seeing everyone at Practice and Game Days.
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There will be carpeting on the floor for all competitions.  I don't have the specs, but usually the carpet is very low pile, closed loops.  Something you might find in a high traffic area in a business office or hallway.

Because the carpet is stored rolled up for most of the year, it may have a few places where it does not lie completely flat.  Be prepared for that.
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Yes, it will have carpeting.
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