Regarding the gate, should it always open towards the outside of the playing field? In other words, should the hinge of the gate always be on the side of the start pen that is flush with the border of the playing field? The start pen 'faces' to the left in the red and yellow quadrants. It 'faces' to the right in the blue and green quadrants. The instructions have only one way of building it, but if it opens only one way, regardless of orientation, that would be a significant difference in the quadrants. Apologies if this was already answered in the rules, Q&A or elsewhere.

NOTE: I attempted to email this via the Q&A, but haven't gotten any response. What is the normal turnaround for questions?
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Q&A turnaround is often by 10pm same day for simple questions.
Complex questions may require the whole team to consult, and take longer.
Questions that are poorly worded, already asked and answered, obvious from the field drawings, meaningless, trolling, etc, may never be answered.

If you check page 5 of the field drawings, it looks like they all open out.
 Edit: clarification, same as post below, the hinge is always on the field border.  See Q&A 172.

If you check page 72 where the start box assembly is shown, note the "RH";  I assume this means Right Hand version, implying there is also a Left Hand version.
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There are two starting pen configurations and both are shown in the field specifications (labeled RH and LH, Right-hand and left-hand configurations.) It does matter as to orientation especially when drilling the holes for the u-bolts for the hinges of the gate as the top u-bolt is to be close to the top of the long side to prevent the gate from dragging.  
Yes, the hinged side is against the border of the field resulting in the gate swinging so that fully open it would be against the border leaving room for the robot to drive out into the playing field.
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