The Generic Game Rules are currently password protected with the rest of the game files.  

I was just wondering if they needed to be.  I have been prepping a few materials for my team and was trying to see if anything in them had been updated.  Unless major changes were made directly because of the new game, do these rules give away anything?

Would  openly posting Generic Game Rules violate the spirit of the six week build season?  Would it give away any information that should be held until kickoff?
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While it is true that typically there are few changes to the BEST Generic Rules, we safeguard all rules related to the competition to avoid any real advantages that could be gained from seeing any changes that do occur annually.  That being said, the 2014 Generic Rules are still publicly available under the "archives" folder here:  

MAIN / Archives

We'll consider if releasing Generic Rules earlier each year creates any advantages.
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