We bought the BOM listed Square Tiger golf balls from amazon. They are 1 9/16" in diameter. Significantly smaller than the rules state. Someone brought a single ball from hoe (don't know manufacturer) that is 1 11/16" in diameter. The rules say approx 1 3/4". There are 2 other BOM listed golf balls. I asked for clarification on the Q and A and they said "refer to the BOM." Trying not to buy all three on the BOM list and am wondering if anyone here has bought the other 2 and what the diameter is.
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Wiki says "conforming" real golf balls must be >= 1 - 11/16 = 1.68",    'approx 1-3/4" ' would be 1-12/16
My game balls from Square Tiger are 1.63" = 1-10/16 but it probably varies with temperature, so they appear smaller than Golf legal.
Texas, BEST of   regional will have balls from Square Tiger on the 2 fields from Dallas and Coco, and then the Cowtown field will have either (Square Tiger, or whatever Cowtown used if different).
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