so GrabCAD is a cloud based hosting for CAD models. it lets for a common source of CADs be collaborative editable and for those updates to be shared via a Partner Space.  you can follow these directions to add these parts to your solidworks library parts library.

My Team (Pearce Robotics from the Dallas BEST Hub) has taken the 2015 BEST KOP and added them to a GrabCAD Partner Space.

Some additions we have made from the provided KOP
Organised into a folder structure
All Parts have been renamed to match with the KOP Sheet (Part numbers appended for interoperability)
All parts are converted to native Solidworks Parts (original STEP files maintained for interoperability, and inventor native parts are a work in progress)
All parts have material properties for simulation and evaluations
Motor Mounts are converted to Sheet metal parts and have folded versions pre made. 

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