We are able to reach the highest tomatoes, however, since the PVC is not anchored to the side walls, they just tip over when you apply minimal force since the lever arm is so long.  Can the field be adjusted by adding a block of wood so the PVC structure cannot rotate?
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Page 6 of the drawings,  text block in middle of right side of page, shows that the tomato frame is mounted to the field border (side walls) with 1/4" bolts in two places per side.
Since you didn't mention what hub you are with for me to make a call,  you'll have to mention it to your hub field team, and regional field team yourself.  
Probably some wood/drywall/deck screws would make adequate expedient repair at regional practice session, if the tee nuts were left out during field build.

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good catch... our hub missed the bolts but weighted the back corner of the assembly to prevent tipping
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