Hello we are a 3rd year team with BEST.  We come from a small hub in North Alabama.  This year instead of printing out notebooks for the coaches they gave us a flash drive to print ourselves to save trees and cost.  In times past with our notebook, there was always a little introductory story of why we are building this robot and such (last year it was Mr Bread and family).  This sort of gave the path that your research paper took and it also gave your audience of who you are selling your robot to.  This year, it is not on that flashdrive.  Do you know if there was a backstory this year and we just didn't get it or did they just feel it wasn't necessary?

Thanks in advance.

Roschell Clark
Coach LIGHT Robotics
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You mention "notebook" and "flashdrive", which sounds like a request to turn in your required BEST Engineering Notebook digitally, which is typical for TEXAS BEST regional, but digital copies may or may not  be required for local hub competition.

But then you talk about rules,  and backstory, and Game theme essay;

So assuming you are talking about game rules and scoring rubrics videos and information for teams,  everything you need should be located at   Participants pulldown menu,   contest information ;

There is a verbal 'backstory' in the opening of the game description Animation  at that link also.

The written "backstory" is still in the usual place as page 1 of the Game specific rules,  now numbered 3.1 on page 25 of the combined Generic and Game specific rules file.

Does that help?

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