Our joystick is not connecting to the cortex or the computer we are using. When I plug it into the computer to see if it needs to update firmware it tells me that a device is not detected. My cortex is detected and I checked its firmware update was up to date. All the leds except the robot are red.
The batteries are fully charged.
What should we do?
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Try google 
vexnet joystick reset
 and the ideas that appear there, like the reset button, or the troubleshooting tree, or the LED diagnostic table.
Also these ideas sometimes have worked for me in the past:
 - try a different cable, or different USB port on the computer
 - wiggle the USB cable while in the joystick
 - put the joystick in the freezer for a few minutes, while you look for an empty plastic bag, like a bread bag;
    Take the component out, and quickly
     -- wrap mostly in the bag (to keep moisture in the air from condensing on the cold joystick,
     -- retry the USB connection while it is cold.
If none of that works,  you can use your normal classroom set Vex Joystick (if any) with your BEST Rkit
until you can get a replacement joystick from your Hub.   

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Thank you for your reply! I finally found the solution online.
Push down the configuration button with a paper clip while powering on.
I had to do this while connected to computer and install the firmware update quickly.
It is now working!
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