What laptops do you recommend for the software BEST allows? (Lab View, C++, and Java, if I'm correct.) Also, which of the programs is easiest to use? Two of us have only ever used RobotC, the other two programmers know nothing.
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BEST has no restrictions on what you can use to program the robot, but I'm not aware of any Java or Lab View applications.
Simulink/Matlab might look like LabView, but it takes a stronger computer to run it well.
RobotC is fine, and has great support at   or maybe here.
Many teams use this because it is free of license, and it has interesting time-slicing multi-tasking operating system.  I should learn more how to use it.

I find EasyC the Easiest, primarily because I have the most experience (10 years) with it.
I use EasyC in drag and drop mode, or typing mode with my own favorite editor. 
LMGTFY: has a list of minimum PC specs, that are all pre windows 10.
My advice would be PC (not apple or chrome book), any windows 10 machine, mouse, 1 free USB port type A for the USB A-A programming cable, then higher screen resolution is better.   Easy C is painful to run on 800 vertical resolution or less.  
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Simulink is the only software that is available for Mac and Windows OS, FYI.  The system requirements are found here:
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