Does anyone know where a sample "excellent" marketing presentation is posted?

Our team has completed for many years and never nails this category.  The students would like to see what others are doing with this category.

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At Texas BEST 2014, sponsor lunch presentation, some jr-high team had >6  students give their presentation, which I thought was excellent.
I'm trying to track down who they were, and if they are willing to post a video of it.
I was amazed at the poise of that group; I asked how many times they practiced, and was told > 40 times.
Every person handed off smoothly to the next, no ums or ahs hesitation sounds, every word was useful, none wasted.

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My team has won this category at our hub for three years now.  It is a small hub (MN BEST), so I don't know if it is "excellent", but here is a link to our presentation from 2013. <>
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