Please don't post game details here, or on any social media,
until 1pm Sept 16, 2017,  
which is the last official hub kickoff date.

   If your hub (like Dallas BEST) has a kickoff that is even later,  you should not be here looking for game details to gain an unfair advantage, until after your own kickoff.  

   While this forum is not the official Q&A, it allows actual discussion.
Soooo,  someone asked,
Q1 Can we use air to move game pieces?
Q2 Can we put a fan on our robot?

A1 There is no 'Air' listed on kit BOM, but it is readily available on the game field, so you can collect it and redistribute it as you like, provided that all other game rules are followed, such as safety concerns.

A2 There is no 'fan' listed on the kit BOM, but you may make your own fan from kit materials, and put it on your robot, provided that all other game rules are followed.

(added later) : see also related question on QnA:  Q21, where A21 refers to page 35 of combined rules document.

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