We are running into an issue with the mounting of our motors. We have attached each of our large motors to a gear. To make this attachment, we created mounting blocks from the aluminum bar in the consumables kit. When driving, however, the screw we've used to attached to the "nub" on the motor continually slips off, causing the nub to spin freely, leaving our robot dead in the water. How are others solving this problem?
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It would help diagnose your problem if you add a picture of your slipping motor hub.

This forum post link with subject "Attachment of motors to wheels" shows a picture of a way known to work well.

The black alloy #10-32 socket cap machine screws are intended for use as set screws, since they are 170,000 psi rated, which is much higher than any other screw in the Ckit.
You can use a tap to put threads in the setscrew hole of the aluminum,
or you can drill oversized holes and use a "cross nut" like some flat-pack furniture, or makerbot 3d printers use, as shown in the link above.

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