The students can't find any information on connecting the motors to the cortex. Can anyone point them in the direction of any documentation that will show how they can do this? They are really getting frustrated and our development has stalled while they are trying to find this information.

~ Update: They FINALLY found some information but I remembered them telling us something about using the quick release clips instead of soldering them. They are heading home for the evening, but I hope someone can point them into the directions for their practice tomorrow.
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The picture below is from page 9 of the 2016_Generic_Kit_Usage_Guide.docx
found in the home page : participants, filemanager, Public Resources and Training,  Kits

It would be a good idea to read the whole document,  but here is the quick answer.
- Just like in Vex,  Cortex motor ports 2-9 should have a MC#29 3wire-to-hbridge-to2wire small gray rectangle plugged in.
- From the 2wire plug, attach the red/black screw-terminal adaptor
- from the motor, solder on red and black wires and attach to the screw terminals.

Servos use the "Servo Power resistor wire" instead,  as shown below.
Note the picture shows old black vexnet 1.0 USB key,  while current Vexnet2.0 keys are White.

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Thank you. They had the picture, but were struggling with connecting the motor because our terminal said something about soldering the attachments. They had (sort of) figured out the wire and the screw-terminal adapter, but took a break since since it was almost 6pm. We are a new competitor and a lot of the tutorials and examples are really hard for my students to work with, especially the 6th grade students on our team.
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