There is an Alabama team who competes in our state competition. They have a 2 week start before our kickoff. How can I access the universal unveiling so we can start when others do.
I am in AR. Most Hubs are revealing the game this weekend. 
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In short, you cannot get access before your hub's kick-off.
Last year they did a universal reveal but not this year, and not in the 24 years before last from what I am told.
I'm not a big fan of the staggered reveals but, for Texas at least, I honestly don't think it matters much in the end. Your hub competitors are all starting the same day as you. The only time there would be a difference is at Regionals. Our Regional is in early December so there is plenty of time for everyone even if you started a week or 2 behind another team. Of course, they are still scrambling the last day because they procrastinate but it isn't the fault of the reveal schedule.
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Reinforcing dannyk...  Last year was a fluke to celebrate BEST's 25th year. Reveals are scheduled by your local hub and your local competition is then 6 weeks later. Even with the national reveal last year, teams were asked in the spirit of sportsmanship to not start any building until their actual kickoff date.

Waiting until 9/21 will probably be frustrating, but it is what it is and your entire hub is in the same situation.

on a related note, our local hub has to stagger its kick off with our neighbor hub - they share a field. Teams in the early starting hub do get an extra week of prep for regionals, but that doesn't matter much. The biggest penalty we see when starting later is higher travel costs once rooms and flight are booked for regionals. (We travel across the country if we make regionals.)
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