i can find hardly any information on what those are or what it takes to get there if someone could tell me more about them or what is required to advance to them i would greatly appreciate it [smile]  
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My understanding, not as a spokesperson for BRI, is that ...
There is no information on a BEST Robotics National competition for winners of the 4 Regional competitions, because it does not exist.
There has been only one National in the past that was held in connection with another robotics competition.
There has been some speculation that BEST would have to have double the number of teams, hubs, and regional competitions before there would be enough Regional winners to support a National.
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But what about this:
Screenshot 2015-12-03 18.26.38.png  Screenshot 2015-12-03 18.28.44.png 
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I believe this is outdated information. There use to be a National, but due to lack of participants actually showing up (it was held in the spring of the following year, and requires travel expenses obviously) they stopped doing it. At least that's what my team was told.

I would love for there to be a national competition, but unfortunately there no longer is. Though I think that more teams would participate now..I really wish they'd bring it back!
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There is currently no plan for a BEST National Championship. We piloted the idea for 2 years in 2010 and 2011. Both events were held in conjunction with another robotics competition.  The document on the website is outdated; we'll get that fixed to eliminate confusion. We have entertained further discussions about a BEST National Championship a year ago but the lack of a suitable host and concerns about cost put that discussion on hold again. There is no current plan to restart the discussion at this time.
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I propose a National title based on comparing scores.  It would cost BEST almost nothing to implement ($100 in plaques and mailing).  Representing South's Best regional winner for 2 years in a row, I vote no more traveling.  Auburn is hard enough on us.  Its a burden (understatement) on a small school like ours to travel far away to a National.  The 1st year I was involved it was going to be in Anaheim, CA.  The cost to get there even with just the drive team and the robot would have been astronomical.

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I like the idea of a virtual National title based on the scores in the finals of the Regionals.

Remember that it costs money to run a competition, and every penny that would spent on the Nationals could also be spent on expanding the number of hubs or expanding the teams at the hub level.  That was the explanation that I had heard for discontinuing the Nationals; I hadn't realized that in addition a significant fraction of the qualifying teams didn't show up because of travel expenses.

One thing that I keep telling people is that this is primarily an educational program, and secondarily a competition.  I feel that the hub competition is the reward (and incentive) to the students for their hard work, and the Regionals are just icing on the cake.
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When there was a Nationals and a World Championships, our team participated in both contests. They were well run and were much more exciting than the VEX Competitions that were being run at the same time. If BEST was to revisit those competitions, and we qualified to go, I would probably not have my team participate. It is was crazy expensive to get the team and our booth there, hotel rooms, food, etc... for a one day contest. While we have trophies that show our success at those contests, in hindsight, I do not know that the cost was worth it. We spent well over $10,000 on busses alone. I can see the attraction of a virtual champion, but in many years where game pieces are up for grabs among all teams, the scores from one hub may not reflect how good or bad the teams in the finals were, although most teams at that level in the competition are pretty strong. I like it like it is now, but I would like to see the regionals happen sooner to the finishing of the last local hub contest. At South's BEST, it can be up to 8 weeks before a qualifying team competes again. Finishing before Thanksgiving would be ideal, but that is just an opinion and I realize that with football schedules and basketball starting up, trying to find a venue and ample parking for the contest become very challenging.
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