Hello BEST Teams,

Have you noticed that the Simulink license from last year has now expired? You are up for a renewal!

Every year we make the new software license for BEST Robotics competition available in May. The license for 2016 is available NOW!

Use the link below to request for the complimentary software offer now and start using it over the summer so that you are all well-versed with using Simulink for the BEST Robotic competition before the season starts!

A few things to note while filling the form:
- The form is to be filled by either a teacher or a mentor
- If you have a MathWorks account that you used last year to request the software, please use the same to save time on creating one
- In the form, do mention the competition name as BEST Robotics. Do also provide your hub name even though it is an optional field
- For hub reps only- if you are requesting software, mention your hub name in the ‘School name’ field as well
- Please give us 2-3 business days after you submit the form to send you the license and installation information
- You can install on multiple computers using the same license information.

More about the software and the training resources

For any questions or concerns with the software request form, please contact us at Please also remember to sign up to BEST Forum to listen in to our announcements, training updates and to engage with other Simulink users. We have a lot of activity from Simulink users from last year.


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