I was wondering is it allowed to tape or otherwise attach design sketches etc. to a page of the appendix, or does it have to be scanned and printed? Because sometimes the sketches don't scan very well and can't really be seen..
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The 2015 Awards and Judging Policies pdf file contains the following:

The notebook may be delivered in electronic format (PDF only) or in physical format as determined
by the local hub and regional championship.
NOTE: The preferred delivery format is electronic (PDF). Please see the
Awards and Judging – Hub Logistics document for the specified
format and information on when and how the notebook is to be

So you'll have to ask your Hub contacts, and Regional if you get that far.
Many of the regionals like Texas BEST are requiring electronic only format,
to remove the logistical issue of moving the physical notebooks.
  Sometimes you can use photo editting tools to change the contrast to help your sketches
be seen.  Or duplicate them with CAD,  or just go over them with a darker pencil.

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If you hub is accepting physical (hard copy) notebooks, taping a sketch or drawing into the appendix is perfectly acceptable.  It does NOT have to be scanned and printed for a physical notebook.

Hope this helps.
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