It appears there are errors in the Online Scoring Calculator.  When you add in a completed reef block, it adds 65 additional points on top of the 40, instead of 25 points as the rules state.  Can you confirm this or am I mis-understanding the rules?  There may be other errors as well.
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I confirm your description of the behavior of the Online Scoring Calculator. 
The reason is given in Q&A 313 and 336, pasted here for your convenience.   
  Without reading the Q&A, in your understanding of the game rules and scoring,
"there may be other errors as well."
   Regional competitions use up-to-date rules interpretations clarified in the Q&A, that may have been prompted by events at games other than your hub game.   For example, a new definition for when game pieces are out of "the boundary of the ocean".
Q313Posted: 10/16/18 08:35:19Category: In The Rules
In the scoring calculator, when adding a completed reef block,
it adds 65 points instead of 25 to the score, is this intentional?
A313Yes. We adjusted the way the scoring software works
to ease the burden of refs counting garbage after the match.
If the ref counts a completed reef block,
that automatically calculates the full amount of points.
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Q336Posted: 10/22/18 10:43:34Category: Specific Rule
On A313, just to be perfectly clear, the refs do not
"double count" the items in the completed blocks/tubes?

So if I read 313 correctly, the way scorecards are supposed to be filled out
is right to left, installed blocks/tubes in the far right column,
then the remainder of uninstalled blocks/tubes in the middle column,
then the remaining "loose pieces" that are in a FS or FE box,
or in a partially completed block/tube in the left column.
If not, please advise. Thanks.

A336Please do not "double count".
See the 2018 Referees' and Field Reset Guide in the BRI File Manager
or the best way to score the field. What you described would be acceptable.
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Great. Thanks for the quick response.
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