We have no idea how to wire a potentiometer, and we don't know what to ground the potentiometer to. We would greatly appreciate help.
Thank you,
Braves BEST
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Use a three wire screw terminal plugged into the Analog input port of the cortex;  the white wire is the signal, the red and black are power and ground.
Solder the small cat5 individual hookup wires to the three terminals of the potentiometer.
Connect the center terminal to the white wire, and the end terminals to the red and black wire.
Use a Digital Volt meter (eg free Harbor Freight red DVM) in voltage mode to measure the voltage between the red and white terminals, when everything is plugged in.
Or use the DVM in resistance mode to measure the resistance across each of the terminals, as you move the knob.
   Now that you have it wired up, what did you plan to use it for?

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This is so helpful. Thank you so much!

We have CAT3 wire that has four small wires inside. Is this the right connector? Do we just leave one wire unconnected?

We are wanting to connect it to a small motor. Is there something we need to connect in the middle to get to the two wires onto the motor?

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