Originally I was using simulink and was having trouble with it. So I decided to switch to EasyC which I do know and understand considering how easy it is. At mall day I was going to ask other teams for help and guidance with simulink. However I need a program up and running by this Saturday. All my software is up to date and I've tried different motors, servos, controllers, cortexes, cables, and even computers. What's happening is I compile my software and then build and download it to the cortex. But when I actually go and hook up the controller to the cortex and test it, nothing works or is happening. Please help!
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Assuming your are talking EasyC, my first guess is that you forgot to put while(1) { .  } . around everything so the robot might (or might not) jerk once, then the program is done.
You would have to zip your EasyC program directory and attach it to your post for anyone to know what might be wrong with your program.
You should also try downloading the default program, unzip, compile, download, run it.   If that works, then we know your hardware works, so it must be your programming.

As for "nothing works",  we need more details of your methods.  
What does the download procedure look like?  Should be Mastercode 4.25,  battery voltage > 7v,  backup battery 0v?  blue progress bar.
Do you turn off the Cortex and Joystick, then connect with AA, then turn on Cortex, then Joystick, wait for vexnet lights to sync up, then wiggle buttons to see if robot moves?
What do the LEDs look like on the robot and on joystick?   (there is a vexnet led debug guide online)

  I email offered live help, but the above details will be useful for what information is helpful for anyone else posting "doesn't work"

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