Hello everybody,

We started getting questions on the newly released Infrared sensor that will included in the kits for this years competition. To checkout what the kit looks like, how to assemble it, brief electronics crash course and a bunch of other cooler resources, BEST has setup the following link:

So what can you do with it ?

Well you can detect things, use it for autonomous robot navigation or even to communicate information. We put together a couple of Simulink models as a starting point and we have a Mobile Robotics Training that will help you program autonomous robot navigation. Attached to this post you will find some starting models to implement your own wheel encoders and perform line following. If you have any questions feel free to post a response or contact us! 

If you haven't already, request your MATLAB and Simulink license to use for this year of the competition here so you can explore the models and start preparing for the season.

Below a couple of teaser pictures. Hope this helps!


Jose Avendano - MathWorks Student Competitions Team

MathWorks support for BEST -


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