Can the PVC pipe give in the consumable kit be used for the building instead of the game?

Again I was not at the actual release of materials on September 22nd from New Mexico.

In fact, are any of the materials that were given out at New Mexico to be used for the game instead of building the robot itself.

A first-year team asking and appreciate any information on this.


Pipes and Fittings

2 ea 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe, 5 feet long
2 ea 1" schedule 40 PVC pipe, 5 feet long

Can these be used to build the robot?

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ALL The materials on the c kit list can be used to build the robot.  
    All the PVC pipe and fittings can be handfit, screwed, glued, and or heat bent to make any part of the robot.  

 If you would rather use the pvc pipe to make the gyre for your practice field instead of the robot, you can do that.   You can use them to make a doll for your little sibling too.  
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