Once we get the rubber duck into our vicinity, are we allowed to handle/grab the rubber duck, garbage, or sea turtle out of the net in case the duck, garbage, or turtle gets stuck in the net?
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Welcome to BEST forums, where we try to answer general questions that ARE NOT about the rules.

Regarding questions that ARE about rules, ask at the real Q&A,  since forums or facebook are not the ruling document.

Since it seems like you are new,  remember that you ask your question, and it only gets posted for everyone to see when it has an answer.
Its good to read all the existing Q&A before you as your question, since it might have already been asked and answered.

When rewording your question for the Q&A, consider that "we" and "our vicinity" are not words used in the rules.
 Maybe it is still clear, since only one of the three team members on the field has a net.
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