Hello BEST Teams,

MathWorks is excited to announce that will be again providing complimentary Simulink software to all BEST Robotics teams to use it program their robots in the 2015 competitions. More information about Simulink for BEST Robotics is available here:

Watch how teams used Simulink for programming their robots on YouTube.

To request for complimentary software, go to:

About MathWorks support for BEST Robotics:
  • Complimentary software with a 1 year license term
  • Graphical environment with easy drag and drop workflow
  • No prior programming experience required
  • Training videos for getting starting with using Simulink for the competition
  • Program Arduino, BeagleBone, Lego NXT/EV3 and Raspberry Pi with MATLAB and Simulnk
  • Affordable school license available for adoption in the classroom

Contact us at bestrobotics at mathworks dot. com

Thanks and All the BEST!

MathWorks Inc.

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