Bethany Strasser
Hey everyone! As we begin to design our robot, we are thinking about how it can attach to the rail. Will be be able to use a drill to remove a piece and then reattach it or does it need to be something quicker?
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Hi Bethany,   Welcome to BEST Robotics forums. 
I found a question similar to your that was already asked an answered in the official Q&A, which is the controlling document, not this general or technical help forum.
Remember to check the real Q&A often, since they have already changed the rules at least 6 times.
The real Q&A is here:
Since the Q&A takes several days to get answers sometimes, and they often don't answer previously answered questions (like this one) its good to read all the previous Q&A before asking a new one.  Maybe you can get an instant answer from some similar previous question.

Q25Posted: 08/30/18 11:47:10Category: General Rule, Rules Change
Since the robot cannot simply slide onto the current rail, is there any limit to the mechanical tools (screwdrivers, drills, etc.) that can be used to attach the robot to the current rail? Or can any be used?
A25We will allow 2 non-powered hand tools for attaching and removing the robot from the current. Those tools will need to stay in the Field Scientist Operating Area during the match to aid in quick removal of robot after the match.
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