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I am attempting to create a tutorial to Robot C that can reach a wide demographic of personas. From those who are fortunate to be equipped with the program itself, to those who have an interest in learning the syntax, yet does not have access to Robot C.

In the document attached, you will find that the contents will attempt to explain both Natural Robot C and Vex Robot C. The PDF is being created with Libre Office I can release the source file if anyone is interested.

Oh yea, can I have some comments on the writing I just did above? I'm trying to write with eloquent swag while remaining within grammatical correctness. ;D

Comments Questions ecetera:
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As an INTJ (fair warning) I find the writing style to be too fluffy and personal for my taste, but I am not your target audience.
You might look at the writing guides for Idiots or Dummy's guides for pointers to make it easy to read for newbies.
Some info is outdated as well,  it looks like RobotC for Vex is free (on 10-17-2016)

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I think it's a good start.  I'd love some more on how to actually use the program....
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