We have been experimenting with Simulink and have the basics down but are looking for examples of how it has been used during BEST competitions. Are there any sample programs that are posted somewhere or that someone can send to me?
Thank you
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Visit the main page at bestinc.org.  Below the "Bet the Farm" teaser (and the list or regions) is the list of the 4 Simulink award winners from last year.  There is a small "PLAY" icon after the school names that links to the YouTube submission from each team.  It wont give you the Simulink files, but it should show you how they are implementing Simulink.  I believe they all show their codes and explain portions of it, but it had to be a 3 minute video so they are quick explanations.  Once on YouTube, you will probably see other related Simulink videos.  Just search for them... there are some good examples.
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Thank you. We have watched a lot of these videos but have lots of questions of the actual settings on the blocks. Most of the videos are beyond are capabilities even if we knew the settings.
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Hello danny,

Let me look into making these models from others teams making available publicly here. I need to check with BRI to make sure that it is okay to sure these file with everyone and this is within the spirit of the competition. 

In any case, I would be glad to help you with particular use cases or challenges that you are trying to solve on your robot using Simulink. I would recommend, listing them down here and then either I or other Simulink users here can provide you with solutions/recommendations. 

Hope that helps.

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We could use simple video tutorials too! the 4 intro ones shared by  Brooks High School Robotics - Robocon - Programming Channel Killen, Alabama,

are well done
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