Just wanted to confirm that the outlet for the seeds has a tolerance of 2 inches? It can be as low as 12" off the ground? Also curious why the tolerance was this large?
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You are doing a good job of reading the drawings, and Thanks for pointing out the large tolerance, since other teams may ask about it later.
Page 92 bottom right hand corner shows reference height of 13" +/- 1"  so 12"-14" sounds like a reasonable interpretation.
If you drive by a feed-mill or other farm operation, you may see similarly complex piping plans, which are represented by the Game Field plans.
Likely the relatively large tolerance is because of the complexity of the piping angles, the variation in PVC fittings across the country, and the grassroots nature of BEST volunteer support across the country that builds the various fields.

Or consider that using an overlarge tolerance is defense against team complaints that the kickoff or demo or game field is not exactly the same as the regional field,
"read the drawings, there is a large tolerance there".
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